9K Racing 9K-0000555 Carbon Steel Pro Shift Knob Blu Wrinkle 115mm (For: FRS/BRZ/STI)

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9K Racing 9K-0000555 Carbon Steel Pro Shift Knob Blu Wrinkle 115mm (For: FRS/BRZ/STI)

Part #: 9K-0000555FRS


Brand: 9K Racing


Threads are at the bottom of the shift knob

The 9K Racing 115mm Pro Shift Knob

Color:Blu Wrinkle

Thread Size Options:

Background on the Product:

Made and Designed by the owner of 9K Racing. Will improve shifting for any driver or your money back. Track tested during the harshest conditions. Will withstand anything you throw at it and more. Can also be used as a blunt weapon if needed.

Made from 100% US Carbon Steel which adds a tremendous amount of weight to its simple figure. Quality you can feel.

This allows for super smooth shift points. Butter!

Laser engraved 9K reef logo on the top portion for that extra 9K bad ass points. Terminator would be proud.

In easy terms, its like adding a upgraded shifter your car but just by using a shift knob. Custom thread points which allow the bottom base of the shift knob to cover any shifter and also adds the weight inertia to the center of the shifter versus on the bottom.

The black wrinkle coat is done by the same company that coats for Snap On tools. 100% MADE IN AMERICA. No outside countries play a role in the making of this. If you don't buy this product you are pretty much a terrorist. Pretty much.

It goes to 3 different locations for engraving, treatment, and coating before it comes back to 9K for boxing to be shipped out. All companies are in the USA.

Support America. Support 9K. Love life.

Let's just say if God used a shift knob, it would be this one. 100% sure of it. Due to the design, this shift knob is ideal for a male who is 5'9 and above or guys with a long reach. Preferably with a beard and beast ass car.

Here are some fake reviews written by fake people who are actually 9K employees:

"I saw a guy driving with this exact shift knob. Never been so wet. " - Stacy

" 13 stars Fo shizzle " - Snoop

" Some people say that my father created Earth in 7 days... Others can say that he created earth while holding a 9K Shift knob" - Jesus

" This shit cured my Aids " - M. Johnson

" I use two of these as nanchucks. Fact. " - C. Norris

" After installing this shift knob. My acne was cured, my dick grew 20 inches and I gained 100 pounds of pure beef cake muscle. I'm a total fucking beast now. Thanks 9K! " - John

" I would have been a better president if I only had a 9K shift knob" - George W.

Now onto the real reviews:

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