COBB Tuning Post MAF Silicone Hose Black

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COBB Tuning Post MAF Silicone Hose Black

Part #: COB 771010BK


Brand: COBB Tuning
Color: Black
Includes New Clamps: No
Material: Silicone
Layers: 4
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
Return Policy: 9kracing Guarantee

Confirmed Fitment


The COBB Post MAF Hose joins the COBB SF Intake) to the turbo inlet tube by replacing the stock corrugated rubber piece, arguably one of the most aesthetically challenged OEM parts in the engine bay. While the sleek exterior is easy on the eyes, the slick interior is friendly to airflow, feeding a smooth column of air to the turbo.

The 4-ply silicone construction has the right compliance to bridge the chassis mounted airbox to the violent motion of a boxer engine being driven in anger, while the steel reinforcement prevents collapse when the turbo is drawing maximum vacuum at wide open throttle.

COBB Post MAF Hose:
Replaces corrugated OEM tube, smoothing airflow to the turbo
4 ply silicone with steel reinforcement construction
Compliance absorbs relative motion between engine and chassis
Steel reinforcement prevents collapse under maximum demand

This is a replacement hose for the SF Intake setup.

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