Gates Micro-V Stretch Belt

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Gates Micro-V Stretch Belt

Part #: GAT K040317SF
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    Brand: NGK
    Kevlar Reinforced: No
    Length: OEM Spec
    Location: See Confirmed Application Notes
    QTY: 1
    Mfgr. Warranty: 18 Months
    Return Policy: 9kracing Guarantee

    Confirmed Fitment


    If your belt is making an awful screetching noise, or if your AC is lacking in performance, then you may want to check on your belt. Belts that are cracked, or missing grooves will certainly hinder the performance of your vehicle. So on your next service interval, you can trust the Gates Micro-V Stretch Belt to assure that your car is operating at optimal levels.

    Gates leads the way as the only U.S. aftermarket supplier providing belts trusted by mechanics, and drivers. They are durable enough to give the driver a peace of mind between service intervals. Replace your next belt with a unit from Gates

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