HKS Turbo Timer Type-0

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HKS Turbo Timer Type-0

Part #: HKS2 41001-AK009


Brand: HKS
Display Backlight Color: Black
Display Color: Amber
Mfgr. Warranty: 120 Days
Return Policy: 9kracing Guarantee


Turbo Timers have been designed to allow the engine to run for a short period of time after a hard driving session such as a lap session, or even a drag pass. This will allow the turbocharger to cool down, and allow all the hot oils to settle back into the oil pan rather than having them settle in the oil lines. This promotes longer life of the turbochargers to allow the oil to circulate properly rather than getting burned in the turbine.Additionally, the HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer has many features that makes this unit a great investment for all types of vehicles. This includes an LCD display with a red back light. The timer has a manual mode which will allow users to have the car running up to 10 minutes after driving. There are also two memory mode functions which allow 1 touch, 1-3 minute settings for a set it, and forget it type of function.Plus, there is a battery voltage display to keep you in the know when it comes to the welfare of your battery. Lastly, there is a peak value indication, as well as an on/off warning function. The HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer is also compatible with all HKS Turbo Timer Harnesses to make installation a convenience.

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