Napolex Broadway Rear View Mirror Flat 270mm Type A

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Napolex Broadway Rear View Mirror Flat 270mm Type A

Part #: BRO BW844
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    Brand: Napolex
    Glass Color: Clear
    Glass Face: Flat
    Size: 270mm
    Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
    Return Policy: 9kracing Guarantee


    Broadway Mirrors are a nice little touch from Japan. They are larger than your OEM mirror giving you a much larger view of what is going on behind you. They come in both 270mm and 300mm in your choice of a flat or convex face. The convex face will give you even more of a view of what is around you.

    It clips right on to your stock mirror and can be removed at any time. Going with a larger mirror may interfere with your sun visors.

    Type A Mirrors differ from the other ones by not having as much tint on them. The regular mirrors contain the same levels of tint as an OEM rear view mirror to help cut down on glare. The Type A Mirrors contain less giving you much greater visibility at night.

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