ST Suspension Coilovers

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ST Suspension Coilovers

Part #: STS 13230065


Brand: ST Suspension
Adjustable: Yes
Camber Adjustable: No
Caster Adjustable: No
Dampening Adjust Type: Not Adjustable
Damper Type: Twin Tube
Drop Height Front: 1.2-2.0in
Drop Height Front Metric: 30-50mm
Drop Height Rear: 0.8-1.6in
Drop Height Rear Metric: 20-40mm
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable: No
Spring Rate Front: Progressive
Spring Rate Front Metric: Progressive
Spring Rate Rear: Progressive
Spring Rate Rear Metric: Progressive
Top Hats Included: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Return Policy: 9kracing Guarantee

Confirmed Fitment


Coilovers are a great upgrade for the true driver. If you enjoy spirited driving sessions, or weekend track events, then the ST Coilovers might be the next step in improving your overall driving experience. However these are also a great option for you to lower the vehicle, and set off those new wheels you just acquired. 

Either way, lowering the center of gravity in your vehicle will improve the handling, and overall chassis response when cornering. Once installed, these are height adjustable with threaded shock bodies so you don’t have to mess with pre-load. 

Included with this kit are 4 shocks, 4 springs, 2 perches for the rear shocks, and a set of adjustment tools.

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