Z1 Clutch Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) Elimination Kit : Models: 350Z / 370Z / G35 / G37

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Z1 Clutch Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) Elimination Kit : Models: 350Z / 370Z / G35 / G37

Part #: Z1CSC


Z1 Motorsports is now proud to offer a comprehensive, bolt on solution to the OEM clutch concentric slave cylinder for cars equipped with manual transmissions mated to VQ35HR and VQ37VHR engines. Thorough analysis and modeling of the factory clutch system's dynamics led to the development of an innovative kit that completely eliminates the failure-prone concentric unit, replacing it instead with a traditional release bearing mated to a Howe Racing pull-type slave cylinder. Due to the repeated exposure to high temperatures and the high operating pressure of the factory concentric system, it has been considered a weak point of the HR+ platform’s revised drivetrain. These failures are definite and the symptoms are obvious; whether it’s pushing the limits on the track, driving hard on backroads, or simply commuting – if the clutch pedal sinks to the floor during a shift and doesn’t return, the concentric slave cylinder is the likely culprit. Armed with an extensive list of design goals, product requirements, and functional benchmarks, the only solution was a no compromises approach. The Z1 Motorsports Concentric Slave Cylinder Elimination Kit has been extensively torture tested on the street and the track with Z1 Motorsports' GTA 370z and Spec Z Nismo 350z, and is completely CAD/CAM engineered as a bolt on solution to common clutch concentric slave cylinder failures, with no permanent modification to the drivetrain. Standard VQHR+ CSCEK features: Howe Racing Pull-type Cylinder: Constructed of lightweight CNC machined aluminum and hard anodized black, this pull-type slave cylinder uses two dynamic bore seals, a preloaded return spring, and features zinc coated hardware and rod ends for seamless function and maximized longevity. Dust and Heat Shields: Laser cut from stainless steel and precision CNC bended to specification, these auxiliary brackets are included for the peace of mind and reliability that comes from keeping dust and dirt out of the bellhousing and keeping road debris and exhaust heat away from the slave cylinder. Mounting Solutions: Laser cut and CNC formed and machined, the mounting bracket and fork clevis were designed with the explicit goal of function. Several iterations of optimizing for stiffness and fatigue life resulted in the final revision, that features Class 8.8 zinc plated fasteners and no unwanted deflection. Clutch Ergonomics: Paired with the late-model heavy duty cast fork and a braided stainless steel clutch line, a properly installed and adjusted VQHR+ CSCEK will feel natural with virtually no slop even under the most rigorous situations. Inspected, assembled, re-inspected and packaged in house by Z1 Motorsports’ trained staff, the VQHR+ CSCEK arrives ready to install on your Z or G out of the box. In the dropdowns below, indicate the clutch that will be used, as well as the 500mL clutch fluid option (additional fluid available). Transmission fluid replacement is recommended but not mandatory for the installation of this kit. Proper installation and adjustment of this kit will require end-user mechanical aptitude. Because of the very narrow window in which this product was designed to function as a bolt on solution, this product may require adjustment through the life of the clutch. Z1 HIGHLY recommends replacing the Clutch Master Cylinder along with the CSC Elimination Kit due to the hydraulic fluid being contaminated from a failed or faulty CSC. If the master cylinder is not replaced, expect to replace it and the slave cylinder soon after installation.

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